Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Dressing

Yesterday - the sun was out .. and it's time to try on some Christmas outfits.

Zoe commented that Keri and I resemble that garish neighborhood over- done house at Christmas.. I'm sure you all have one near you !?   Well, perfect.. that's just the look I was going for here :)

Sometimes, simple is best - sometimes more is FUN.

Zoe and I were accompanied by an elf today.

We had troubles with his hat though as you will see.

 Only the first of many elf hat fixes.

Keri's hat is red sequins....

Elektra has pink sequins ... after Zoe's sparkly pink cowboy hat, it seemed pink sequins was most fitting.

Photo shoots around the yard for a bit then... off to spread cheer on the back roads !


Here's a spot where the snow has not melted off... might make a good portrait area. 
 I am thinking Arcus also needs the candy cane striped wraps....  since he does not get out much I was not sure how much decoration he would tolerate, but it seems he did not care less.  Keri had bells tied to her front legs - Arcus had bells around his neck.   Of course now when I hear sleigh bells I always think of Denise :) 


A close up view of the snowman on Keri's bridle.

 When we returned from our mission of holiday cheer - Dominic took over the camera duties and snapped a few photo's of Keri, me, Elektra and Zoe on the lawn.
This was a practice session -- just to get things going.  You can see so far it's a green and brown holiday - But at least in my neighborhood - Zoe and I will be spreading cheer daily now donning various combinations of Christmas decorations.

Betsy and Keri, Zoe and Elektra -- and Dominic the Elf with OYY Arcus in Vermont


  1. Boy Betsy I think you went over the top of the hill this time, I mean awesome and great horses, you did well for being from Vermont. Maybe Susan will get some Ideas from you. Your horses looked great fantastic. Merry Christmas from the Curls N Horns ranch in Minn.

  2. Harold is right - wow!!! Outrageous! Loved the jingle bells and the trotting elf. I use jingle bells this time of year, too. Very festive and fun; great job you guys!

  3. Holy sparkles and bling!! I LOVE IT!!! Gosh... I think Zoe is do look like the Garish house!! LOL. It's FANTASTIC! I love your little elf...what fun it must be to grow up in your household! =] How on earth did you get those hats to stay on?? One shake and Reese's would be on the ground. Now you have me all fired up...dang it all, now I have to fight the crowds for christmas trimmings....shoot!

  4. I just noticed the trimmings around your boots Betsy! And the festive red streaks in Zoe's!!

  5. Oh wow!! Over the top like Harold said!! Awesome!! You sure have raised the bar!! Can't wait to play dressup!! I was waiting for snow but now I'm hoping we'll have a white Christmas

  6. Wow is Wow Bets,
    OK, now I've got to go back to my drawing board....and come up with something much better as you have raised that bar so high in those beautiful Vermont hills{:>
    I do love seeing how much fun Dominic is having. Big hugs to ya'll from Texas.

  7. Betsy...all I was thinking was WOW!!! I loved the fun pictures and really enjoyed the videos. Thanks for setting a high bar!! I wonder what the rest are going to come up with :) Like Denise I am trying to hold out for some snow, but I am thinking it isn't going to happen. So I am going to start going through my left over Christmas decorations I haven't used and probably won't ever use anymore. It looks like everyone had a great time :)

  8. You guys are simply amazing! WAY, way over the top!! I can just imagine you guys chuckling to yourselves as you decorate those poor horses! I DO love bells!!


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