Friday, December 30, 2011

The "Delinquent Blogger" won't be deliquent anymore!

Dear Denise, The ONLY even remotely good thing about there not being an RAC 2012 is that I will no longer be constantly behind in my blogging!! As so many have already said, THANK YOU! I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in RAC during the three years since I adopted my Dream! I have always been bad about taking pictures, because I almost always ride alone, and until recently, I didn't have a camera that was good at "self-shots!" :-) Eventually I got so I'd remember to take the camera, and then I wouldn't upload the pictures or blog for several days, so then I'd just forget it! My status as "The Delinquent Blogger" is my personal shortcoming! It is no reflection of how much I loved participating in RAC. It gives people who wouldn't have had a chance to share rides, etc., to become well acquainted. It always amazed me when I read something from another Curly owner from another part of our country or abroad!! I loved reading everyone else's blogs, even though I never did it much myself! We were all united by our love of our Curly horses! They are such great Ambassadors! You are a very special person, and I plan to stay in touch with you!! (That's a promise, or a threat, depending on how you feel!) :-) After meeting you in person in 2010 in VT., I won't be able to let you leave my life. Sorry! :-) Big hug! Laurie & *A Kurlee Dream in Maine, where as I write this we are getting a little snow flurry!

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  1. LOL! That's true, Laurie!! Well, we sure enjoyed hearing from you when you had the chance to post. You are a ball of energy!! I AGREE with you! We must stay in touch!! I am so glad I had the chance to meet you. Maybe next time I can meet Dream and Susan's Ahd too! =] Have a great new year!


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