Saturday, December 31, 2011

REMINDER! Ride with Me Cyber Ride TODAY!

CELEBRATE WITH US! End of RAC 2011, but beginning of something wonderful. 2012! RIDE WITH ME RIDE, today Saturday. Join the RAC and other curly owners in doing a cyber ride today. All you have to do is do something with your curly, hopefully ride if you can!! RAC Team, please post your story and pics here. I will keep the blog open for a few more days. People from around the world will be joining you! HAVE FUN!

p.s. I am truly overwhelmed by the flood of posts the last few days. You are all amazing and I don't think I have cried so much in a long time!! Thank you....but remember it was all of you that made the RAC what it is! I just gave a little guidance. =] Have a wonderful New Years Everyone!!!

Denise, Reese and Bear. =] ♥

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