Thursday, December 29, 2011


Thank you Denise for all of your hard work, support and encouragement of us Curly owners and riders. It was so such fun to stay connected with everyone on RAC. I will certainly miss reading and writing on RAC in 2012. Thanks again and Happy Trails to You!

Liz and Traveler and the rest of the Curly Herd


  1. Liz!! What excitement and thrill you brought to the RAC contest! I think we all fell in love with your amazing stallion Traveler as he took such good care of you and bravely tackled every challenge you presented to him. What a boy! thank you for sharing your life with traveler with all of us! We all felt like we jumped those jumps with you! Great job!

  2. Denise is absolutely correct when she says that we all felt like we jumped the jumps with you and Traveler!! I certainly did. I wish you continued success!


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