Wednesday, December 14, 2011

O, tannenbaum! Chapter 3 Dressing for the Holidays

First - let me say -- I appreciate everyone's good humor in putting up with my zest ( read
obsession ? ) for dressing up. Many generations of a large and varied dress up box in my family -- Perhaps in another life I might have made a great theatrical costume designer ?

Well ... last night, instead of the visions of sugar plums dancing in my head - I had dreams of dressing my lovely mare as a Christmas tree.

How lucky am I to have a daughter to support my crazy schemes and dreams :)  She was totally into the idea -- so after a nice trail ride today - I zipped around the farm selecting greenery ...  in order to deck the horses with boughs of hemlock and white pine... no holly in Vermont.

Hey-- and look who is up for this project also -- Mister T, whom you have not seen in awhile because he's been babysitting some weanlings (Brave Ulysses and Tamborine Man)

Well -- judging from his expression, he's tolerant but I suppose not completely an enthusiastic participant :)    Not your jolliest face Mister T. But it's one more reason to love him !  Scrooge face.

Zoe went to mount and found a small tree trunk in her way.

Cranky or embarrassed ? not sure which...

but if he's on my team he needs to get with the program.

this is what an extreme tree looks like

Now the man is smiling -

Very Zen ~ the art of being the tree...

Now Keri - unlike the T-man, never questions her owner - regardless of how frivolous and outrageous the idea.  She's patient and 'what-ever', understanding the commitment to following one's creative flow ~~

let me add, our mounts were accepting of the costumery.. but the 2 pony boys right next door were quite alarmed and could not get far enough away from us !  Too funny... I do suppose that it's not every day we spot two 4 legged trees on the lawn walking and trotting.  They were running up to the fence to gape -- then bucking and running away all bug eyed - only to return to repeat the process.

I love these photo's I have to repeat two similar ones

" My horse the tree ".... I wonder if that could ever be a best seller ?

I am not sure why that pilot overhead thought it was a good time to buzz the property --  did it have anything to do with the walking trees ?  anyway- a distraction for sure.

So - this was a quick episode in Dressing for the Holidays...  Thanks for watching and I hope everyone enjoyed with good cheer :)   A Warning :  I think there's more chapters ahead in the future....  you know what they say - a genius never rests.

Betsy and Keri, Zoe and Teasel in Vermont


  1. That's hilarious! I just came home from a ten hour work day and this was a joy to see! Anxious to see what you come up with next!

  2. Ok Betsy..I don't even know how to respond to this one!! I have used all my best words already, I mean what's left to say?? LOL. I love what you said about a genius never rests...holy cow you really said a mouthful there! What a trip to see your horses dressed as christmas trees! I can barely SEE Keri. ha ha I am sure those pilots are reporting the strange sighting! Cedar Big Foots! GREAT job!!!

  3. Betsy you are so far over the top of the hill now I just gaveup, awesome just awesome and your horses truley trust you. Fantastic.

  4. If there was a like button, I'd like Harold's comment above. =]

  5. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!! I adore the look on everyone's faces; I don't think T looks crabby at all! RED BERRIES! STOCKINGS! CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS! Can Keri even see? Is there a parade downtown that you could participate in? Wouldn't you love to see the looks on the little kids' faces? What will you think of next? THANK YOU FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT AND MAKING ME SMILE!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS, LADIES!

  6. Oh my gosh!! You are so creative! What a fantastic day! You gotta enter these in some magazine contests!!

  7. Only on a curly. LOL I will remember this for a long time :)

  8. hahaha Betsy Keri Zoe and Tease, you are amazing, I am laughing . Have to change my outfit now to compete with that LOL. Weather is very stormy and wet right now so have to wait a little...

  9. Yep, I agree with Harold and Marion....ya'll have raised the bar twenty feet over my head. And, what a testament to your wonderfully, calm, and fun loving Curly friends. They would do anything for you, dear friend,

  10. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!! You ladies crack me up! Keep it going!!!


  11. I have to quickly write this before I read what anyone else said!! ROFLMAO!! And, no, I DON'T mean the band... This is just too hysterical! Betsy, it must be such a comfort to have Zoe to go along with you in your insanity! Lots of kids who had a parent who did this would have a parent committed! I seriously wonder if Keri could even see? "The Zen of Being Tree" could definitely be a book!! Keep it up!


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