Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Ride with Me" - Michigan wetlands

I don't know about anyone else in Michigan, but I keep asking.."When is it going to stop raining and start snowing?" It is mighty wet here in the great north but I was SO blessed and thankful to have joined all of you on the "ride with me" ride today. Thanks for posting the ride Donna. I must admit to being in a fair weather riding mode lately and this weekend's weather was not conducive to fair weather trail riding. =] I always find it funny though..and it never fails..once I am on the back of a horse, the day gets brighter, everything smells wonderful and if there was a cloud in the sky...well, I barely notice anymore. =] So thank you for getting me out was fantastic to share this day with all of you.

Harold, I LOVED the photo of you and Curly Boy! How exciting to see you back on your horse. You both look GREAT!!! And Curly Boy looks mighty happy. Glad you joined us!

Here's a little video. I chose to ride Bear today. =]


  1. Denise , Denise watched your vidio with me and just loved the curly mane. Looked like you were riding in a Minn swamp.
    I have used the same bit for years an old early 1900's calvery bit. does an awesome job and controls well
    thanks for the ride

  2. Thanks Harold! Bear never had much of a mane before I got him so just had to try my curly mane treatment on him! It really works. =] He has the best mane ever..very, very curly and thick. The only thing I am afraid of is that as it gets longer it will straighten more, like Reese's. So I might trim it up and keep it about 6-8 inches. Glad you enjoyed your ride! I took you down the "wolf trail" too, but the video wasn't great. We even heard something roaming in the woods. I thought about you carrying a gun! lol Glad we didn't encounter anything, whew!

  3. So beautiful there! I used a Mylar Toklat (sp?) on Saturday. I need to watch your video more than once. It is so peaceful.


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