Tuesday, December 27, 2011

HO HO Horsey Hockey for Harold eh?!

Just for you Harold!! I did have red and gold decorations but scrapped that idea and just went with the hockey only theme. Pretty good eh?!

I found the sweet spot!!!


 Canadian enough for ya Harold??

Linus did so well with this we may just have to learn how to play polo!

I hope everyone had a safe and Merry Christmas!! We definitely did. It started snowing Christmas Eve and continued all through Christmas Day. I did have plans to get a few more decor pics in for the contest, but it just didn’t happen. But, that’s ok!! I still put together a special, extra Canadian shoot just for Harold!! I did have my hockey pants along with my Harold but riding in them is pretty risky so good ol jeans and barn boots had to make do!! My older brother came outside, visiting from Woodstock, ON and I think he thought I was crazy being dressed to play hockey but riding my horse!! Well Harold....It was the most Canadian idea I could come up with. Shaun even suggested using a Minnesota Wild jersey for the pic because the majority of the team is Canadian anyway....but I'm a Sens fan and that was just not going to happen!! Even more fitting for our special picture was that Canada beat Finland in the World Juniors this afternoon too!!! I think because of our hockey spirit down on the farm!!
On Christmas Day, I hitched Linus to the cart and took my nephew for a ride. I have been working a lot on ground driving since the November challenge ended and that was our first time in over 2 months being hitched. Linus was a bit full of himself but I have to give him credit for respecting his whoas and clucks to go so well. I'm glad I'm the only one so far to drive him. If you try to slap the reins on him to get him to go I think you would probably end up either bruised or disappointed!! But if you “cluck, cluck” off we go at a nice pace. Linus is very much a Ask me and I will do anything...Tell me and I will do nothing kind of horse. Some people would have an issue with that but I like it. I like being partners with my horse rather than his boss. I do still have the final say and ultimately we both know that. Whatever you want to call it, it works beautifully for us. Lynn commented on how in love we are on Christmas Eve! So true! Which I am sure that as his breeder, was nice to see!
Before the cart ride on Christmas Day, we took the horses for a walk. I tied a big red bow with bells in Linus’ tail. Allie didn’t really notice it until we got a bit ahead of her and then she stopped in her tracks and looked at Linus like he had a second head growing off of him!! She could not figure that thing out and would not pass him as long as It was there! As for Linus, he did not care.  I had 2 whole bags of decorations that we did not get to use, but there is always next year!!!
I love all the creativity of everyone who put pics in for the contest. I pity the voters!!! What a hard choice!!!
Harold...I hope you like the pics! They took over an hour to upload eh!
Donna & Linus
Lunenburg, ON


  1. Donna, these photos are GREAT! Love your Canadian spirit. I take it you would skate circles around me. I just love to skate; I am just not very good at it. Linus is sure looking good! So mature.

  2. That is awesome, Donna, that he just takes to anything!

  3. Donna wrote about Linus, "Ask me and I will do anything. Tell me and I will do nothing!"
    Linus sounds like my kind of horse. Tell Linus to keep up the good work. And Lyle is the same way.

  4. Thanks Donna, you made an old man smile from ear to ear, they are great pictures and you don a fantastic job with them great horse, well mannered. Oh and Donna man or beast everyone knows a woman always gets the last word Linus is just being smart. Fantastic job of working with your horse Donna. You also have snow we don't. You should be very proud of yourself and your horse, you sure don't need a trainer.
    Have a great and Happy New year Donna my Canadian neighbor.

  5. Went back and took a another look at the pictures and finally noticed you had a hockey mask on. Cute Donna really cute. Did you trade the rifle in for a Minnesota hockey stick EH???? Fantastic country around your neck of the woods. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Love it Donna,
    You are Linus are wonderful{:>


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