Thursday, December 1, 2011

Going Out with a Bang, Not a Whimper

Angie and I both decided that we would throw caution to the winds and go out with a bang on this RAC November Team Challenge, so we did a Team Ride with Me last night in the dark. It was beautiful in Maine last night! Sure was dark...Angie told me she was taking video for me as we spoke, well, I can't wait to get a load of THAT! The video I took doesn't have much visual detail, that's for sure.We took Harold along for the ride. I must say...I have ridden more in the dark and/or in the rain for this challenge than I could have foreseen, and it really is kind of interesting! By the time I get out of work during the week this time of year, it is basically pitch black, so I had to use that to my advantage in order to keep up with my TX partner. Another thing I have made good use of during November is my nice wide barn aisle.Along with our usual backing and give-to-pressure exercises, this month we used the aisle for practicing neck reining, pivots and side passing. We got stuck on the side passing earlier when I was setting Ah-D's face next a retaining wall. Seems the green grass growing mouth-high on the other side of the retaining wall was too tempting, and I was ready to give up on teaching Ah-D this skill. But I discovered the barn aisle worked great for the lessons, especially since there aren't any of the distractions that are present outside during the day. I also used the aisle corners to practice pivots.

Denise, having the challenge during November definitely inticed me to spend my horse time more wisely and to spend much less time bemoaning the fact that it was hunting season. And also, thanks to Harold, my Maine Gaines partner Angie, and our competing teams for adding so much fun through all of our Cowgirl Tryouts. I come away from this "competition" rich with Curly friends and as a better partner to my very special Curly partner Didder.


  1. Thank you Susan I had a wonderful November, just great thanks to you and all the "Curly riders or should I say CowGirls??? It was fantastic.
    You have come so far with your horse it is just great "AhD is a wonderful partner for you.
    Thanks again for the nite ride, no bugs bothered me at all.

  2. Susan, ok I rode in the dark and tried to take some pictures, how do you get yours to look so clear? I get like a tan blur from Marley and that is about it so I don't post them cuase they look like some kind of wierd art form.

  3. Susan,
    There is no way that you and Ah-D could ever go out with a whimper. It was good to get to know you both.
    Thank you,

  4. Yes, Harold, no bugs this time of year! Thanks, Penny, I feel the same way. Donna, my camera has a 'night' mode where the shutter is really slow, so you have to be sure to hold the camera ABSOLUTELY still, or all you will get is a blur. You may have too much movement in your hands. Try setting it on a fencepost and see if you can get somewhat of a clear picture. Most of my night photos didn't turn out, and my video sure didn't.

  5. I think riding after dark should have been on the challenge task list, don't you? I mean, just like rain, how many of us think..."oh it's dark...can't ride now!" =] Thanks for inspiring Reese and I to get out for a bit last night. What a blast..beautiful moon and was fabulous.

  6. Susan,
    Thank you for letting Chester and I partner up in the November RAC challenge. I am so proud of your accomplishments and enjoyed our rides together.

  7. What a great ride and a great month you two have had! Your barn looks so nice and cozy:)


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