Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Journey of Adventures

Over the past three years of the RAC I have often been seen and not heard as my mother typically holds the camera and writes the blog but as today marks the end I felt maybe I to should speak up and add my Thanks to Denise. Most have seen our toast to Denise, which was great fun as I also love to dress up, so I will bring you on a journey through the years of wonderful adventures. First up is Teasel and Keri and their amazing adventures as the dynamic duo and dynamic is what they truly are together we have explored numerous areas near and far, over covered bridges, up mountains, and swimming in the river these two did it and did it well.

 The adventures of Teasel or the T-man will continue as with him I have found my soul-mate in a horse, he represents something I have never had a horse of my own. Always before they were sale horses,  I love all the horse on the farm but he was and remains the first I have ever been able to call my own and truly give my whole self to and what he lacks for hair he makes up for in heart and personality.
Combined with these amazing adventures is Nimue the wonder pony who also did it all. With her we drove to countless places, sharing the love for exploring with my son Dominic, new experiences such as Driven Dressage, off roading over mountains, flying down the road and pulling the sleigh. Nimue has moved on to a new home with wonderful people bringing the love of driving to them but our memories of her will be long lasting here at the farm.

Another frequent horse over the years has been Elektra. Together the two of us began exploring the world of dressage, fine tuning our ability to move and work as a team and showing the world that you do not need a high strung ring only horse to compete, there are such things as quiet, trail ability dressage horses. This mare continues to remain steady and safe while listening and trying each and every new thing I ask-demonstrating years of mindful breeding can lead to a perfect all around sport horse.

This last year of RAC has brought me one more partner-BCF Splash Dancer, the new stud on the farm. With him I learned just because you ride a stallion does not mean you have to be limited to going out alone, remaining in a closed ring but with the right relationship and training they two can go out with mares, explore and swim, and rock in the dressage ring. This guy and I have many adventures waiting to happen, continuing to show and possibly trying our hand at a little jumping which would be a whole new adventure for me, with his willing attitude, gorgeous movement, and beautiful face we will be able to accomplish anything we set our minds to.


While the RAC may be going on a hiatus the joys and memories will be ever lasting in our minds, the friendships made both electronically and face to face through the curly  get together and convention we will still be sharing with all. Denise took the time and united many curly owners from around the world, showed us that with a little effort and creative thinking nothing is impossible. There is no way that will stop despite not having an organized venue to do it in. At least not here on Top O' The Hill Farm-as we love adventure and trying new things we will move forward with these ideas and keep bringing the many abilities of the Curly for the world to see. With that a third generation in Dominic will be coming along on our explorations around Vermont on his own curly. While I have many more photos, many more stories this short array highlights some of my favorites and hopefully lets you know Denise that what you have done with the RAC was important and will go on.

~Zoe in Vermont with Teasel, Splash, Elektra and the many other wonderful curlies residing at Top O' The Hill Farm


  1. Beautiful post, Zoe! You have an amazing amount of adventures to look back on! You rock, girl!

  2. Thank you zoe! Loved seeing all the photos again..what a great recap!

  3. What a poignant and touching message from the dashing, adventurous, fiery and talented ZOE LIRAKIS!!!!!! You go, Girl! I am so happy that you now can ride on your own very special three generation team. I am looking forward to hearing about you and Splash making a splash on the show circuit, whatever the classes, this summer. I can see you executing a cross country like Liz and Traveler. With your determination and talent, the sky's the limit!

  4. Beautiful post Zoe. Good luck in 2012, I hope you accomplish all that you want to with your amazing lineup of horses! Happy New Year!


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