Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Learning from Jett, Diane and Tawnya

Hello all,
My friend, Misty, and I had the most wonderful opportunity to visit with our East Texas RAC friend Diane and her trainer, Tawnya from Idaho earlier this week.First time to actually get a big hug with Diane and meet Tawnya. My friend Misty and I left fairly early Monday morn and other than a few blonde(me not her) wrong turns we made good time. As with all my trips we take a scenic route it seems and Jett was doing well the trailer balancing act. When we arrived I could see beautiful and handsome Curlies everywhere. Oh my, Diane's herd is gorgeous. In true Curly fashion they came up to greet me and I met each one and was so impressed with them and their personalities. But, they do live on a slice of East Texas heaven and have a mom who adores them.
My friend Misty who is beginning the wonderful journey to horse life really enjoyed seeing more Curlies too. We let Jett rest up a bit before our lesson. Jett was orphaned as a young passed and he was bottle fed. I brought him to our ranch last Spring as a Curly person who said she was interested in giving him a home. But, that was not meant to be and I was so busy with Honey and life that I never found time to spend one on one with him.
Saturday, my friend Misty and her husband brought over a bale of hay to look out and feed to the horses as we are desperate to get more for the winter. While we were standing by the tail gate of the truck O'Sparky and Bucky came over and started to munch. Jett came up to my left and decided he wanted it all and charged at the other guys sending me to the ground and clearly letting me know "I didn't matter" So this was a great chance to learn how to ask for respect from Jett and the others while giving him confidence for the future.
I was so impressed with Tawnya and her ability to help me learn without feeling like a dumb blonde{:> and how to be flexible but firm in your requests. Can you believe I am such a soft touch when it comes to my Curlies? Yes, and that is what landed me on my bottom Saturday{:>. 
Many of the tools she used are Parelli based and so are the techniques but Tawnya grew up on a working ranch in Idaho and understands the cowboy way which is what I have been exposed to here in Texas so I could relate to her teachings so much better.
Well, I have lots of work ahead for me I need to learn how to be a good leader and then share it with Jett. He is such a handsome and smart fella and just like his half brother Chester will always have a special spot in my heart.

I have been trying to post a wonderful video of Diane working with her beautiful smooth coated Curly mare, Blossom, and hope to have it up as soon as my cell phone charges.. what a wonderful relationship they have developed using the techniques I am learning.
   More to come, Angie


  1. Looks like a real live cowgirl Angie, where did you find her???Are you sure she is not from Minnesota or Canada?????

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful experience, learned a lot and are motivated to learn even more. I love clinics!! Wish I could do more with Ah-D. Glad you are ok after your episode. :)

  3. Jett is stunning! What a beautiful horse!


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