Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finally a picture of ME and my Curly

The weather this Fall has just been incredible for riding - simply couldn't ask for better!  Anastasia was home for the weekend and definitely wanted to ride - she offered to take the camera for me and she got this great picture of WSL and I on our horses.  I rode *Serenade and Ana rode *Charm - of course WSL was on his NSH, but one of these days I "will" get him on a Curly!
Anyhow, here we are:
And Anastasia and I also brought a couple of our horses out for new pictures today - this one is my big Percheron/Curly mare - she is a half sister to Denise's *Reese - they have the same sire - this is *Chrystal Bloom - should mention that she is also offered for sale!
*Chrystal really IS that big - just about 16hh now as a three year old - she weighs around 1500 or so lbs!  She really IS this gentle and sweet - a real darling :)
Shelly in Summerland, BC Canada


  1. Wow, I didn't even recognize Chrystal! At first glance i thought..humm...did they get a new horse? lol. She is stunning. I can't wait til you get her going under saddle!

  2. I am planning to get her under saddle this coming Spring, but Denise, she really is just too big for us :) I would love to find her a great home with someone who would like a gentle giant. The other option will be to train her to ride and then to drive and if I ever acquire a cart/wagon for her then she will likely never be for sale after that!

  3. Those are really some aawwwwww pictures!

  4. I just can't get over her head being half the size of me!!! LOL

  5. LOL! Yep, must be a "KID" thing! Reese's is just like that. =]


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