Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A New Look

I hope my before and after pics post in the right order! We didn't have any spare decorations handy but will start this weekend! Linus did get a new look though after I cut his mane. I think it looked awful before with the huge hole in it. Now he sorta has that "extreme curly" look.....well, except for the forelock and big beautiful tail.... Anyway, he has a very handsome neck and shoulder so easily pulls off the "buzz cut" .  He has Belgian in him so maybe they were show horses who had trimmed manes too..
Linus is getting so good back in harness. He really is doing so much better on turns. Its been such a blast to learn about driving right along with him. I'm really excited to hitch him again.
The post office has been too busy to be able to keep up with the amazing team in Vermont but I am working on a few ideas. Unfortunately I don't think we will have any snow for our pictures : (
Oh well, that just means extra cheer will be required in the area!!!
Happy Decorating!

You're decorating Curly Boy eh Harold?
Donna & Linus
Muddy Ontario


  1. Donna -- all my favorite Curlies have a roached mane.. I love that look better !! when it grows out just a bit and resembles a mohawk -- it's very handsome. :)

  2. He looks GREAT! I'll tell you what, many people are so afraid to cut their curlies mane and in the end it just looks funky. JMHO. =] I agree with Betsy, a roached mane to me looks so neat and professional looking. I roach Zig's every year because he keeps sort of a raggidy mane. I'd much rather see it even and clean, than all different lengths. I am considering cutting Bear's this winter too, because it's not as even as I like. It ALWAYS grows back! =] And sometimes better. I think I have roached Reese's mane at least 3 times. When it gets long, it starts to look dry and frizzy. I like a shorter FRESH curl. In Linus's case that isn't the case but because he rubbed part of it out, I think you did the right thing. LOVE IT!

  3. Donna your horse looks great. We have mud here also and no snow. I'm thinking brown Christmas.
    I will just use my red saddle blanket on Curly as Betsy just blew me out of the water or should I say mud Eh?

  4. Donna, HANDSOME AND NEAT! I like the roached mane look with the long forelock. Everything about Linus is good looking anyway.

  5. Donna,
    Love Linus's new look. He just looks more handsome everyday{:>