Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DERR!! Day late, dollar short, the Delinquent Blogger rides again!

Back on Nov. 21, I really DID try to participate in the Ride for Harold!!
In honor of the ride, I dug out and cleaned my western saddle, which fit Dream okay! I figured that was a good sign. I still had a hat and a vest leftover from show days. long past. While other body parts have increased in size a bit based on the few western show clothes I still had on hand, at least I can say that my head hasn't all swelled up! :-) The hat still fits! I thought I'd sent my stuff off to Susan to compile with some others, as Denise instructed. WRONG!! What's worse is that I just noticed today that I didn't make it up there. Better late than never? So, Harold, though I didn't have a button to take on the ride, Dream and I rode western in your honor back on 11/20!! She seemed to take the change is saddle styles right in stride! We usually ride in a dressage saddle, and I haven't ridden in jeans in YEARS! If I post much in my dressage saddle with jeans on those inseams rub my knees raw in no time! Though those Vermont cowgirls probably have tougher knees than me since they probably ride in jeans all the time, huh, Betsy?
The following is what I sent to Susan the day after our ride!! I really mean well, and we ride, and sometimes I even remember to take my camera... I just never get to the creative blogging part! Better late than never! Laurie and Dream in Maine!!
Hi, Susan, I hope I am not too late getting this to you... I've decided that my title is "The Delinquent Blogger." It's the Blogging part I always fall short on!!
I actually DID ride, AND we were able to go Western! My western saddle fits Dream okay, and it was good that it got a quick cleaning for the first time in quite a while, too! I still used her Nurtural bitless bridle because it is her favorite. David came out and took some pictures BEFORE we rode, so that I could wear the hat!! I changed to my helmet for our ride! (as always!) We didn't have time to go for much more than an hour so we went out on the abandoned road that goes out into the woods and toward Rte. 17. Then we trotted around the perimeter of my neighbors' 8 acre apple orchard! I didn't have a button for Harold, but we were still there!! Use whatever pictures you want. Hard to believe I once showed Western! Different horse and many years ago! Not much of the clothes from then still fit, though, and, unfortunately, the cowboy boots are long gone! Laurie


  1. Laurie, I am so sorry you didn't get posted with the rest of us...BUT that's ok because it was SO fun to see these pics and have the fun continue! You and Dream look amazing....I am not used to seeing you in WESTERN. lol But you both can really pull it off. GREAT job and thanks again for posting...I know it's not something usual for you. I hope you will post a few more times before the big finale. AND do the Christmas contest??

  2. Laurie, I can't believe you used to show WESTERN! Love it! You two look great together. You just need to get the right jeans with flat inner seams, that's all! I ride in jeans all the time. I think I need to pack my western gear in the trailer and head up to your house for one of them thar trail rides with you and Dream. That little abandoned road is a nice trail, and you have some beautiful country. Harold, what do you think of Laurie's getup?

  3. Wow Laurie all I can say is you look awesome just awesome an your horse looks proud.

  4. Thank you, Denise, Susan, and, most importantly, Harold!! Dream is a very proud girl, Harold! She was a Rescue with a bit of baggage when I adopted her, but she has become very tolerant of my shenanigans! She really tries hard to please me. Susan- I'll have to find out where you get your jeans with flat inseams! My problem may be that since I destroy jeans so fast, I made a resolution long ago that I'd only buy jeans from Goodwill! I can rip, get paint or a stain on, or permanently alter the look of expensive jeans and cheap jean at an equally fast rate! I have one pair that are my "good" jeans! I never wear those to anything horse related!!
    Denise, the girl isn't keen on stuff on her head, but I'll see what I have and what she will tolerate!! Course, first I'll have to scrape off the layer of mud! Our foot of snow that fell the day before Thanksgiving has all melted now, so there is lots of mud! YUM! Harold-- Keep on keeping on!! You are an inspiration to us all!!

  5. Laurie,
    Dream is a nice looking mare. She looks like the "old style" curly that is so good.
    Susan, the flat inseams can be found in wrangler men's jeans, much cheaper than those for ladies.


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