Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sweet as Candy is my Marley


My little Santa helper got to ride the candy cane =) As soon as he knows I am headed to the barn he is right there with his boots on to go with. He is going to be my little cowboy I think. It seems like no matter what horse I get out he is right there helping with the brushing, tacking and then riding.

TADA!!! Mission accomplished with the antlers. Candy cane reins and decor galor =)

Sorry for all the pictures every where. I did my best I could with this post and trying to arrange them but it was not working out in my favor today. So I will try and talk through them and I am sure that you can pin point them =) The MN winter here has been so nice. It would be nice to see a white Christmas but I don't think that is in the cards this year. Sunday was our big photo day with the weather in the 40's couldn't ask for more! Marley was my first partner in crime to get all dressed up. Lane (my youngest son, 2) helped me with all the decor. As you can see from a few of the pictures that Larry is a bit jealous that he is still in the pen and Marley is getting all the attention. The thing is he doesn't know he is next, he he he =) Love the one head shot of Marley where he is giving me that facial expression "man I feel stupid". Then my husband came with the idea we should put anters on. Now Marley is suppose to be a candy cane, now he is a sweet candy cane with antlers!

One of the pictures you can even see I painted up his front hooves in glitter to match with red leg wraps! (would have done a better job but with the warmer weather we acctually have some mud going on) The hardest part was getting past the garland. Oh man there was some desensitizing going on, but we got the job done and realized it wasn't going to hurt him =)

With some of the stuff I put my poor 'male' horse through I think I really should have found a mare. This summer he had flowers in his mane and tail, and everyone feels sorry for him with those fluffy blue reins I ride in. I love him for who he is and glad he tolerates the stuff I put him through sometimes. He is such a great sport!


  1. Dana, he sure is sweet! This is just way too cute for words! What a GREAT idea! Ah-D is one of the only ones left with any dignity! (so far anyway....) I adore your Candy Cane boy.

  2. Thanks too Dana, I noticed the sheepskin in your pictures awhile back and that caused me to go looking for mine and I found it put it back on and that is why I can set the saddle again. Your pictures are great.

  3. What a cute candy cane!! I think I'll pass on a taste though : )

  4. Great Christmas Idea, and what a trooper Marley is with the decorations. Yes, I agree he looks sweet as Candy{:>


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