Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Claus has come to town!!

Let  me start by saying sorry to Janeen, I did not know you were also doing Santa. I did my sewing Thursday night, so I promise I did not mean to copy!!
Linus was eating bits of my costume while I was dressing him, so his "pants and boots" did not make into our picture. Sometimes, such a curious fella backfires!

He may be curious but he is patient and I was super proud of him today for cooperating. My photographer, nephew Griffin, got cold fingers really fast so I didn't really get to do any poses. I had to run with what we got, and I am happy to have what we got.

Linus is not a great Santa...he constantly tries to chew on his beard!! Or on his elf!

I stitched the hat right to the halter so that it stayed on! This worked really well. Once he learned he wasn't getting rid of it, he settled in to having it there. 

This red blanket has been in many of my past dress up pics. Funny to think it once draped so largely on him and today was a struggle to do up the chest and I only did up one buckle! It is a homemade blanket that my Great Aunt made for one of my Great Uncles harness racing horses many moons ago...and then some.

Griffin caught me telling him to quit eating his beard!

And he obviously didn't listen!

Merry Christmas from Santa Linus and Elf TShirt says "Santa...I can explain..."

Happy HO HO HO to you!!


  1. No apologies necessary, Donna! He looks good! You're so creative! I would have never sewed a costume together, so good for you! Linus has grown and it's been a joy to watch you train him, and now you're my inspiration to get Rocky ready for riding in a 15 months and counting! I'll probably be e-mailing you every once in awhile as to what I should do next with Rocky!

  2. Janeen you're too kind!! I'm thrilled for you for finding such a great horse! He's beautiful and I know you'll enjoy bring him on!

  3. Great Christmas cards, Donna! Mr. Personality looks great in his red suit, and you make a cute elf!! Merry Christmas to you, too! -Susan and Didder in Maine

  4. Merry Christmas my neighbor to the north without much snow. You guys are lookin great, good job. Have a great Christmas.
    Harold and family


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