Friday, December 30, 2011

You are an inspiration, Denise!

Denise, you have been an inspiration to me and Anastasia and over 100 other people who are part of the RAC 2011, but I think that your impact is MUCH further than you realize!  There are a lot of people who follow this RAC blog and are either owners or interested in Curly horses.

I know your original goal was to get folks out there using and riding their horses and you must know that you have done it!

Thank you SO MUCH for all you have done and continue to do for our beloved Curlies and the owners who love them so much.

Here are some of our adventures from this past year - thank you thank you thank you!!

Shelly, Anastasia, *Tessa, *Bijou, *Serenade, *Charm, *Joe, *Divinity, *Chrystal - and the rest of the Curly Crew at the Curly Standard Place


  1. Thank you so much Shelly and Anastasia! All I do is push a few buttons, you do all the work! =] So kudos to you for your hard work and motivating others to promote in such a powerful way. It's been a great journey thanks to people like you!

  2. I so love your background scenery, such beautiful places to enjoy your horses!


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