Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ride With Me Denise, in Hebron, Maine

Well Denise, our ride today was a good one! Rainy, cold and icy, but we made due and had a grand time meandering here and there on familiar trails in the woods. Didder absolutely loves the special treats you gave him for putting up with me through all that November fun. I kept them in my pocket for this special last RAC 2011 ride. This is his..."Is it time for a treat now?" look. Our trails were slippery, so we didn't do any cantering or galloping today. We passed a small beech tree in full fall regalia that made me think of Betsy. Isn't it a beauty? AhD was full of vim and vigor today. I think the treats in the pocket were one of the only things that keep him from acting foolish. It feels darn nice to have a fresh horse underneath you when the chilled air hits these early winter days, doesn't it? We had five dogs along, sniffing here and there and discovering things that I have no inkling of what they could possibly be. The stone walls show up quite well this time of year. Beautiful and functional, leftover from older times, adorning the woods and offering a challenge when one wants to cross. Denise, I hope you enjoyed the last ride of the year in Maine. I reminisced about all the fun I have had sharing with my fellow RACers, and the special friends I have made through the RAC. Thank you, Denise! Here's looking forward to 2012; may we all have as much or more fun than in 2011. ~Susan and Didder~


  1. Thank you, Susan! I sure enjoyed the ride! You brave girl...ICE? Glad you were careful and had fun. I am also glad Didder loved his treats! Reese likes them TOO much! I only give them now and then to Bear because he seems to handle treats like a gentleman. lol. LOVED the pictures..thank you for sharing and showing me how beauty Maine is, even on a rainy cold day. LOVELY. THANK YOU SUSAN...FOR EVERYTHING!!

  2. Denise, the weather kept changing over all morning from freezing rain to sleet, but we had a nice opportunity in the afternoon where it was just lightly sprinkling. It felt so good to be out. Harold, did you notice I am wearing chaps and riding western? That Cowgirl contest turned me on to riding with chaps! Boy are they warm, protective, and keep you in the saddle, too. I had one incident where I sure was glad I finished off the year western (sans hat). Ah-D quickly scrambled up the side of a steep hill and I was ducking and weaving to avoid branches. We dipped into a small gully and then he popped up over a rock on the other side - thank you God I had the horn to grab because I also had to duck an ice-laded branch. Whew! With that leverage I was able to keep my butt in the saddle during that moment. I love that kind of stuff, its exhilarating! We seemed to do a lot of it yesterday when we were bushwhacking. I am really looking forward to fitting in a lot of winter riding this year.

  3. Happy New year Susan, looks like you had a great ride and beautiful country to ride in. Your rock walls remind me of riding in the Black Hills of South Dakota, they have some awesome nature made rock walls for miles.
    your country is beautiful. yes nice chaps do keep the legs warm good going on your part
    again Happy New Year from the Fairchild line.

  4. Susan,
    I love reading about your adventures with Ah-D. I also really like my chaps because they sure do help me stay in the saddle.
    Thank you for all of the encouragement that you have given to every one on this board.

  5. Awesome ride Susan!! I agree with you that's its a pretty amazing feeling to have a horse with a lot of get up and go under you! Now that the cooler weather is here, Linus is, like Didder, more full of himself. Boy oh boy there's a lot of horse there!! Happy 2012!


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