Friday, December 30, 2011

Toasting Denise !

Here's a toast to the future, A toast to the past, And a toast to our friends, far and near.
May the future be pleasant; The past a bright dream; May our friends remain faithful and dear 
Here's to the bright New Year
And a fond farewell to the old;
Here's to the things that are yet to come
And to the memories that we hold.

Most of all -- here's to Denise !  a little presentation we put together in celebration of the past year(s) of RAC.

I hope Denise never feels she has dropped the ball in taking a well deserved break from the hustle and bustle of directing the RAC program.. just like on New Year's Eve -- when it is one of the only times of year when "dropping the ball" is a good thing..  it's time for her to step back too. What a fabulous space you have created for us to build a history of stories, forever memories and vast opportunities for new friendships.

what else can be said but multitudinous thank yous and a huge applause for your efforts and organizational skills...

the RAC gathered a lot of moss over these years of growth ~ this powerful momentum will keep us all going through 2012 and possibly further !   So -- we present our quick Curly horse toast to Denise.


country champagne....

non-alcoholic because we will be in the saddle :)

my helmet is Saint Lucia inspired

a little preview of my mare's outfit

I hand the camera over to Dominic for the rest of the photo's ...

Keri is lovely today

have to add extra of Miss Keri and me since this may well be our last photo op of the year

time for Zoe to costume up.

My idea was a formal attire look... but I said to Zoe she looked like a toreador here. :)

Splash is dapper with proper pin stripe vest and fancy seasonal bow tie !

i say it's time to pour the bubbly !

and since Zoe already looks like a waiter --   (in addition to looking as though she could spear the bull ) -- the job is hers.

hand a glass of the effervescence up to me

dapper duo...  here's the real clue Zoe is neither bull fighter nor waiter --  she's a tuxedo'ed equestrian with top hat :)

take a look at the fancy shoes !  for this gown, I need a side saddle...

raising a glass to Denise

bottoms up !

let's try this again from the ground :)

add a bit if video -- take 1 and take 2

what else can we say Missy but thanks for the memories !!!!     you are very appreciated !

I enjoyed some of the posts which included some photo memories from the past.. i just might sneak back on and post one more time !   :)

Betsy, Keri, Zoe and Splash in a big thank you for Denise We had some great fun here !!!!


  1. {clap; clap} Well done, ladies! It's always a joy to see what you've dreamed up! Happy New Year to you! I see there's no snow there either :(

  2. we had flurries this morning which would have added a nice touch.. but-- sure is cold here ! glad you enjoyed :)

  3. You guys never cease to entertain! I'm amazed that you can hold a glass with that cast! Holy cow! I will miss these amazingly creative posts! We'll have to all start reading your farm blog, if that is where you will put all these wonderful adventures now! All the World's your stage!!

  4. You two are such hams - sooo fun!

  5. Boy Betsy you never cease to amaze me. not only over the hill back to the top. You guys are wonderful. Thank you guys for all.

  6. My, oh my...oh MY! What a celebration, thank you Betsy & Zoe! You two are amazing. And if I were to toast to both of you, I would say, "Here's to two of the most amazing women. Who, when told to "jump" they "jump higher!" =] You two are a huge part to the foundation of the RAC as you have been there from the start and have given 150% each year. Driving full force again spurring others along by pure FUN and laughter. I personally can NOT thank you enough. So I raise my glass to you Betsy & Zoe, a team beyond compare & your trusty assistant Dom and all your incredible curly horses!"

    THANK YOU for all you do for all of us!!

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this Toasting post! So true. You are incredibly creative and entertaining. Thank YOU Betsy for adding life and spunk and challenge to the RAC for so many years. You gave me tons of giggles and took me on oh so many adventures with you and Zoe. Thank you, dear friend!

  8. What a hoot!! I laughed the whole way through. You two have way too much creativity! Love it!