Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chester, Harold and I ride while the kids do play.....

Harold, Susan and Curly Friends, 

On one of our many Ride with Me rides this month, Chester and I stopped to watch the kids play ball. What a great opportunity to see a Calm, Curly horse. No concern just pure amusement from Angie and Chester.

Your Curly friends in Texas.


  1. Angie, thanks for the ride it was warmer riding with you then with Susan, it was so dark in Maine I was getting slapped in the face with branchs and such. Thank you so much Angie I had a great and fantastic month.

  2. Angie,
    I wish you God's blessings. You have done so very much to promote the curly. And you still have so very much hard work ahead of you with the ABCR. Thank you for your dedication.

  3. Dang Harold, your bum must be getting sore with all this riding you are getting in. I'm jealous! Angie, what a stallion you have to take such things in stride. That ball playing would have had even the steadiest of horses a little concerned. GREAT job showing off your wonderful boy!


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