Monday, November 23, 2009

As I have mentioned before, we are not so fortunate here in Vermont to have the Sunday moratorium from hunters as Susan has in Maine. Sunday is a BIG day here to roam with guns and orange hats. Here in Vermont, hunting takes precedence over ALL -- so pray you do not need a plumber for emergencies.. he's off in the woods till he bags a deer.

Anyway- Zoe and I are trying to think up some road loops that will give us some new scenery. We decide to cross the highway and canter up Stellafane Road.. in the direction of Mount Ephraim... but stay on the dirt roads and circle around. Trot to the highway, ride up it a bit, cross over and continue up the steep Stellafane Road.
And it's the terrific and talented Teasel that accompanies me and Keri today !!

Stellafane means shrine to the stars -- because at the top to the left is the observatory. We are headed to the right when we reach the top. Right about here we scared up a huge owl.. I could not get a pic of it- but wondered if it is the same owl I saw one evening while I was doing chores after sunset. That time I did get photo's - on the farm blog.

Looking out over from where we came-- somewhere my farm is in there. When we continue to the left and climb the mountain higher- we can look across directly at the farm clearing.

We trot by a horse with his protective vest.

After trotting a few roads.. we are back on the highway to head home, up over Lacross Road, which always reminds me of a paved ribbon just laid over the mountain, steep up - then the top and down the other side.

At the summit is the Lacross Farm - which used to be a dairy farm, but now is leased by someone else and he is raising Angus cattle and hay.

These adorable mini donkeys are a fairly new addition to the neighborhood. They come trotting over the crest of a little hill when we travel by and Keri has always harbored some dislike/fear for these guys. They are directly opposite the herd of Angus which are down the bank -- she's used to the cows.. but when she used to see these donkeys-- she started her little prance.. half sideways, half backwards. This is her third time trotting past the donkey gremlins-- so we are at the point where we can stop and photograph them. There's progress ! I think it's the quick appearance of them as they come over the hill.. not so much the donkeys themselves.

This is a very old farmstead .. the woman died not too long ago-- she lived well into her nineties and was chucking wood into her stove pretty much to the end. I hope that will be me in the future.... still loading the stove and riding :) Then I would really be in the Jack Benny class for RAC ! :) and these would be my Younger years.

This was not a super long ride- but just enough to satisfy my need to be in the saddle and with my horse trotting. Still good weather -- don't want to waste any of it !!
And as a little newsy note -- on Friday, Keri performed her lesson duties with a group lesson.. the riders are developmentally disabled and not strong physically either. At times- Keri's rider is strong on one side- so when learning the leg aid to walk straight on... she was getting a cue more one-sided.. and she side stepped for him beauifully.
Enjoy ~


  1. Your two scenery photos are just gorgeous! I laughed when I read about hunting season in your neck of the woods; I work at a custom metal fabrication shop, and they actually change 1st shift hours to accomodate hunting season. If customers come in after 2:30 for a quick weld? Well, they are out of luck!
    I am also a hoping and a praying to be in the Advanced Jack Benny class right along with you.

  2. Well we can doddle along together then :) Lucky we have the therapeutic program mounting block which makes mounting a breeze .. wonder which horse we'll be riding by then ?

  3. Susan is right - simply beautiful photos of scenery and .....cute ears!