Thursday, November 26, 2009

Riding Curlies with my son, Andrew

Hello everyone,

I hope your Thanksgiving Day was wonderful. I had a special treat with my sons visiting and was able to get our middle son, Andrew, to jump in the saddle and go for a trail ride today. Andrew rode Jubliee's Curly J and I saddled up with Chester. It was great to ride a few of my favorite Curlies with a wonderful and fun son on a beautiful sunny, Texas day.

First, we warmed the fellas up walking around the outdoor arena while chatting and catching up on each others lives. Soon we were walking together on the trail in a brisk pace. It's great riding with younger folks. They have so much energy and are interested in the leaning more about the world around them. 

They also see things differently and helps remind you of how you saw life you when you were their age.

Thankfully, the young ones, Andrew and Jubliee's Curly J waited for the older ones, Chester and mama.

I really enjoy the moments I spend with my sons and enjoy sharing the exciting events in their lives. I will always cherish these times.
Best wishes from our family to yours on this wonderful Thanksgiving Day...


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  1. My Angie, what handsome boys you have in your life! I love riding with my sons, too. Hmmmm...I don't think my middle son has ever been on a horse. Perhaps I need to expand his education to include horsemanship?? :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.