Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weaning Foal Fun

We had a nice collection of pony sized foals this spring. Our first was born in February so he has been weaned for some time. The other 4 were all delivered around the same time, so they have been out in a BIG pasture with their Moms all summer. I am happy to say- they have remained friendly and curious (after some solid imprinting at birth) so it's been just reminders now as far as manners.

Like Linda, I like working with the foals and watching them "get it" . For a very small investment of time, it makes such a nice difference when they reach saddle training years. Usually, we make a morning of it - spending time with the babies - haltering, leading, picking up feet, etc.

Sometimes we just walk amongst them and scratch, pet, rub and tell them all how handsome they are. We allow them to choose to be friends.

If we are successful and find their "itchy" spot - they are our buddies for life.

And since most ponies are destined to be mounts for little people - we encourage a lot of proper handling by the young horsemen of the world :)
Excellent foundation for the ponies, excellent foundation for the handlers :)

They all get to try the obstacle course at some point.

We are all rewarded with some satisfying work.

Enjoy ~


  1. Oh my gosh, how cute to see those foals going through the course!!! May I use these pics for my website? And those darling children leading that foal...nothing more precious!