Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Small Window of Time

Out of work early today ~ which offered me a small window of time before dark to work with my beloved Curly AhD. I thoroughly enjoyed this small session! We started with the rope halter and heavy, long leadrope, reviewing backing out of my space, lateral flexion, giving to pressure and picking up feet upon request. Last spring, many of these things were mini-battles, but now I get AhD's cooperation and attention. I changed out the halter for a hackamore, and we headed out to the paddock. I led him around a bit to let him feel how the hackamore worked ~ backing, doing gee and haw and whoa. When he was ready, I led him up to the rock and jumped aboard. AhD didn't move a muscle when I mounted, and we "practiced" the (sometimes lost) art of standing still. He was great and didn't move forward one inch until I asked. Good boy!! We tooled around the paddock, working on seat and leg cues with as little rein as possible. AhD is starting to understand my seat cue for backup. We worked on whoa and/or slow down, using seat only. He listened! I think he was really into it and was enjoying it as much as I was. I mounted and dismounted several times from both sides. Once I laid down on his back and then slid down off his butt. His ears were back ~ listening ears, thinking ears. I am so pleased with my Curly. When hunting ends and December comes, we will be ready to hit the trails without a hitch.

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  1. Susan,
    In our hurried lives we have to take whatever moments we can to saddle up. You are wise to enjoy every moment with your sweet one.


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