Sunday, November 29, 2009

OYY HummingBird and first time under saddle

In a previous post, I showed our progress with OYY HummingBird in harness -- ground driving and dragging and evener. That work is being continued.. but simultaneously -- she also experienced her "backing day" .. without a hitch - so to speak.

First - we did some bareback work -- getting her used to weight on her back .. lots of movement around her sides with human body parts -- sliding off her rump, etc. At 12.1 hands-- not too tricky to lean on their backs. Or to slide off the rump

She's figuring it out - weight and balance and moving forward.

Saddle up and check in - just to be sure rider and ridee are on the same page :) Seems this is not going to be much of a bother for HummingBird.

That was almost too easy ! Good Girl ~
I think this is one of the (many) reasons I love ponies so much .. smart, short, making training time so much more fun. Of course - it is all good breeding too.. after several generations of trainable horses - it's even easier.
Enjoy ~

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  1. You do such nice work with you little Curlies, lots of fun to have read about Hummingbird and Elektra's under saddle adventures, along with all your other posts this last month!! You have splendid little horses, a great assistant in Zoe, and well, I look forward to continuing to read of more of your pony trainings in December!! :-)