Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lakota like Horse Trailering 101

Hello all,

 I decided after last Thursday nights episode with Chester not wanting to load on the trailer at the arena it would be a good idea to have a refresher course on trailer loading with our Curly friends.  Lakota volunteered and he is always has such an adventurous spirit I thought, great.  

So, while our other Curly friends watched from their nearby stalls Lakota and I made our way over to our two stall horse trailer. The trailer is a Turnbow and is about twelve years old but it is solid. We just had it repainted inside and out and the rust removed.

Well, Lakota was perfect. I moved the center partition so he would have enough room. He jumped right in and backed right out. Not once but several times. I am sure he thought this was a fun new game we were playing.  So, I gave him treats and sent him on his way. 

A little while later, as I was cleaning out the stalls....I hear clunk, clunk, clunk and clunk....I look out and sure enough Lakota is back in the trailer; all 1300 pounds. He didn't even need the partition moved. Silly boy - he wanted more treats.

Hug your Curly friend, Angie


  1. So cute! I love a food oriented curly! They'll do just about anything for a treat. =] What a good boy.

  2. Angie, I hope you gave him an extra special treat for that extra special smart move! I need to remind AhD that getting on the trailer is a good thing. He is getting slower and slower about loading, instead of walking right on. I think he needs a few sessions of "trailer" treats. Thanks for the idea!


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