Thursday, November 5, 2009

Camping with Pyewacket

The highlight of my RAC riding so far this season was a 3 day camping trip to Danville, VT. The event was sponsored by the Granite State Carriage Assoc. This group welcomes both riders and drivers. It was Pyewacket’s first real camping adventure and her first time riding out with carriages. She was terrific. We set up portable electric fence and she was close to a friend and about 4 feet away from my tent. It was my first experience spending the night right next to my horse and it was fabulous. I loved the sounds of the night, especially the calm, regular munching of Pye eating her hay and making gentle sounds right outside the tent. This along with the calls of the Barred Owls was just about perfect. The funniest part was Pye nickering very early in the morning when she heard me stirring in my tent – just like a small child saying it’s time to get up. When I opened the tent, she was standing with her head over the fence waiting to say good morning.

We rode through spectacular countryside – covered bridges, beautiful vistas off to the White Mountains in one direction and Green Mountains in the other, rushing brooks, gorgeous farmland and ponds with loons. Visitors to the campsite and other riders and drivers admired the only curly in the group and were impressed by how well she settled into the camping and her engaging personality. Overall it was a wonderful experience and I hope to be able to do more camping next year.

SENT IN BY: Laurie and Pyewacket


  1. Love that picture of you two in front of the lake! Sounds like a wonderful trip, one I wouldn't mind going on. Maybe next year...

  2. Laurie sounds like an incredible trip through some gorgeous sites! I love the pic of you two in front of the lake, really beautiful! Really great that Pye is so attached to you, calling in the mornings and being so good on your adventure, sounds like you two have a really nice relationship. I look forward to reading more about your adventures together.