Sunday, November 29, 2009

An autumn trail ride with Chester

Hello, As I write this short note, it's rainy and dreary out but yesterday it was perfect for a short trail ride. It was really a beautiful, autumn day and I was able to catch some photos of our critters and neighbor horses for all to see. First, we started out away from the barn and immediately we were greeted by the Golden Curls Ranch welcoming committee, Salsa and Sarita. This mother and daughter jennies are real hams....


We adopted the girls, shortly after Sarita was born, through Habitat for Horses. They are called painted Bethlehem Donkeys as they have a cross on their back.


Next, we pass the pond with the lone willow tree. It is a spring fed pond and with this year's rain it is over flowing. No complaints....'cause next year we may need all the water we can get. The horses love this area and it is great fun to walk by and see the frogs jump into the pond...the only one who is a scardy cat is the big fella Lakota....actually some of the frogs can get pretty big:) Oh, and they make a funny sound like Aieeeee when they go under the water.

Also, munching at the pond were the Llamas. We have three fellas that are around five years old. The white one is Cesar, the brown with neat markings is Carlos and the one who loves to come up to me for food is Coco Le Leche....they are compatible with our other critters but they do not like dogs. In fact, we don't have any coyotes...and our neighbors say they are coming up into their backyards in the daytime....we call our Llamas the "three wise men". If you want to know what's going on...just watch their ears.

Our neighbor has five wonderful horses, two are former race horses and all are very friendly. They love to see us coming near. It's like an old fashion visit where everyone puts away their work and tools to just sit a spell and chat.

We arrive back at the ranch just in time for least that's what Curly J was telling us as he peeked in the barn door. It was a wonderful ride and pleasure to be in the saddle with my Curly Chester on a wonder autumn day.

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  1. Too funny, the pics and comments on your neighbor's horses, and I LOVE your Jennies!!, how cool would a curly one of them be?! Always a pleasure reading of your and Chester's outings, such a nice setting and great images along with your stories. You have such a nice way with your horses, calm, sensitive, and intuitive. I'm looking forward to hearing more of your Curly Horse adventures in December!!


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