Friday, November 20, 2009

Learning to gracefully, ground mount :)

Hello everyone,

Lakota and I have been spending more time together on our beautiful East Texas trails. He is a very versatile fella. After a ride with Lakota one day a good friend Lynn says... "he must have been trained as a reining horse and boy is he smooth". 

When we are exploring he really gets into what's going on around him. He becomes your partner and seems to enjoy the ride as much as you.

A few weeks back he and I and a friend were out checking the fences to make sure those curious and hungry cows didn't cross into our "horse quality hay" pasture. We worked on getting the cows back in and sure enough as we were working I dropped my cell phone. So I needed to dismount and pick it up.  Well, folks coming from an English background and using a mounting block for years this old lady has been spoiled. Not to mention, I need to stretch me 'ol muscles even when I use a mounting block. Lakota is a tall fella and I thought man I will never get back in that saddle. He seemed to sense my concern. At first, he was nervous too! Can't say that I blame him. Then I slowed down and took a deep breathe, talking softly and letting him know I needed his help. We sure wasn't pretty and I'm sure couldn't have been less graceful .......but we did it! 

Now, I have a new goal for next year's RAC contest. Learn to gracefully, ground mount - ha! With Lakota's help I am sure I can do it.

Best wishes from Texas...



  1. What a handsome boy! My goodness - he looks great! Makes me sad to see him, but I know he's being well loved! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Lynda,
    Come ride with us over the Holidays - it will be great fun:) Lakota would love to see Custer.
    Best wishes,