Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Real Change

Not necessarily what they call a horse of a different color -- but definitely a different horse !! I do occasionally ride other horses....

and today- I woke up wanting to ride OYY Sweet Bee. You might remember I was riding her quite often during the spring and early summer of this year... usually in the evenings by myself. As Zoe and I began to ride long distances and taking much faster paced journeys.. I stuck with Keri because -- number 1 - I love her best and Number 2-- she's in excellent shape to travel ! :)

Sweet Bee is the darker bay on my left. In one of my posts a few days ago, she was wearing her grand-mother's harness and being introduced to some driving training. She's already an awesome riding mount. I can't wait to drive her -- I know she's going to excel.

OYY Fiona is on my right - the lighter bay. Sweet Bee (or Sweetles as we call her) is Fiona's niece and also paternal sister. Someday, Fiona will be Keri's replacement.... but I am not so ready to really talk about that :) yet-- So while I am into driving Fiona, (she's a fabulous driving horse), I have not really ridden her. I think I will next week though -- I'm working toward it.

Sweet Bee is a very nice looking mare- but I think Fiona is most beautiful.

I had the BEST ride today - Sweet Bee is so dang adorable - with the most charming trot imaginable and an absolutely precious canter ! I've always liked her but I forget to give her a chance with my being overcome with passion for my best girl. :) I'm glad I rode her today. She has an infectious joyful youthful spirit.
And I won't forget to mention that Fiona is perfection too. When I bred her Mom-- she is exactly what I wanted.

We did not trot too far or too strenuously.. these girls are not in great aerobic shape. But we surely had a blast --

It's a bit weird to ride a different horse - looking down everything is askew.... different mane, REALLY different ears !! Not to mention the movement, response, personality... maybe sometimes- this change is not so welcome but today it was exactly what I needed and so refreshing. And speaking of ears-- to quote a little red hooded girl in the woods-- MY what BIG ears you have ! Sweet ears-- sounds like some sort of confection. She has her grand-mother's ears. Fiona has her father's ears..

Fiona is also faster - Now that I think of it...

does it seem as though Zoe is always riding the faster horse ?

Another great day - warm for November, sunny - NO precipitation of any sort... a super trot out with some nice canters -- wow !

Enjoy ~


  1. Besty, you look so dang cute posing between those two beautious Curlies. Could it be that you think Fiona is prettiest because she looks more like your Best Girl?

  2. Beautiful photo shots....lovely girls.