Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Beautiful morning with Blossom

Hello all,

I woke up this morning humming my grandmother's favorite song..."oh, what a beautiful morning...oh, what a beautiful day."  So after Nevada Blossom finished breakfast I attached the lunge line to her halter and asked her to join in beautiful, crisp, autumn morning walk. 

    We walked together in the leaves which made a nice crunch sound under our feet and we both watched to see each others reaction. Then I loosen the lunge line and let it down so that she had more room and slowly wound it up again. When I reached a few feet from her I would rub her face, ears and neck. Within a a couple of moments she began to lift her head and look at me as if to ask; "where are the rubs"?

We walked around the big, old oak tree with the American flag flapping in the gentle breeze and she was aware but not overly concerned. She didn't even mind when the silly Llama teenagers, who were "horse-playing" (ha no pun intended), ran past trying to catch each other.  After a few steps, I again wound the line up and rubbed her ears, muzzle and neck.

After loosening the line I would walk around her left side and right side. Then I lifted the line and let it gently rub across her back. She was more concerned with the green blades of grass popping up through the leaves. After a few steps I again wound the line up and rubbed her sweet eyes and face. My hope is that she enjoys the experience.....I sure did!

Angie and a beautiful Blossom


  1. What a gentle expression Blossom has.

  2. Thanks Susan,
    She is a real treasure. Never demanding - always wanting to please....I feel very lucky to have her in my life:)


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