Thursday, November 5, 2009

Summer Time Highlight

Well, since we get to go back in time, and I've yet to share my own "summer" time highlight, I thought I'd take a moment to share about our go forth into the World and share my Curlies moment.
And, talk about an incredible ground work experience!!!
This year I was asked to participate in the Puyallup Fair, which happens to be the largest fair in the reasonable area here in the Pacific Northwest. About 790,000 people came through through the course of the week. Epona with her filly, Rora, along with Xandra accompanied me to this year's fair and we had a pretty good spot in the exhibit. For five days Rora and Xandra especially, stood for being pet, looked at, a gazillion pictures taken.

Meanwhile, while all of my horses are accustom to being in a large field with the herd, 24/7, they were all very reasonable in their stalls for the week, only getting short walks at night on pavement and short walks at the crack of dawn, again on pavement and alongside such creatures as Yaks and Camels, and other odd looking creatures, only to start the day again with more admiring fans. There were a few especially starry eyed guests who got to go in with Xandra and Rora to have close up hands on time and their pictures taken. Rora kept exhausting herself with her socializing time, and even Xandra was taking regular naps by the second day.

Apologies the picture quality isn't better, but hopefully you can see that both Rora and Xandra were very much actively participating with all of their visitors as much as possible. While they were long days, they were a lot of fun, we met a lot of really great people, and now thousands more people know the Curlies even exist and have an idea of what they look like, how social they are, and well, just more about them in general. Also for Rora and Xandra at least it was an experience in their life that was very educational and should last them quite some time as far as how to properly behave at such events as horse shows, other trailer rides, and being the center of a lot of attention. What a really great experience for them and for everyone who came through our exhibit!! I am looking forward to next year's fair! :-)

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