Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My favorite things..riding and showing off Curly horses!

Hello All,

Now a days, my favorite thing in life is riding our sweet Curly horses. My second favorite thing to do is tell folks about our sweet Curly horses. So Sunday was the best day ever in my book. I was able to do both my favorite and second favorite thing at the same time with good friends.

My long time friend, who has a heart big as Texas, Marion, had her warm, friendly sister, Marsha, visiting from California for the Holidays. Marsha had never ridden a horse before and was excited to get in the saddle and ride with Marion and I. When I asked  Marion which horse should we saddle for her sister she immediately suggested Chester. Now, if it had been any other horse breed I would had been looking at her as if she was crazy to putting a first time rider on a stallion but knowing our calm, wonderful Curly station, Chester, I 
 just smiled and Oeekee Dokee.

After spending time brushing their soft, coats and cleaning their feet we chose tack for each fella. I suggested my new barrel racing saddle for Marsha since it has a deeper seat. Marion enjoys riding in the  Dressage discipline so she chose Dressage for Cinnamon River which is perfect for his long extended walk and trots and I was trilled to try out a new roping saddle on Jubliee's Curly J.  


A quick note about sweet Curly J....Marion and I drove our trailer about six hours in a monsoon back in April to pick the boy up from a rescue in Luchenbach, Texas. Here is a photo of his first meeting with Marion....Curly J was known to crow-hop when we first met him. Today at three years old is proving to have the wonderful personality of his great granddads OB Pinto and Dixie D. He is a cowboy(girl)/rancher's dream come true.

We mounted our fellas and had a great ride. I laughed at the look on Marsha's face when Marion told his sister she was riding a stallion. Wow, but I added you my new friend have met our wonderful Curly stallion, Chester! And...seeing is believing when you meet a Curly friend.

Best wishes to all,

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