Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trail Riding at Golden Curls Ranch

Hello all,

One of our favorite activities at Golden Curls Ranch is trail riding. I enjoy it because I can get to know my partner horse better by the way he or she reacts to movement and other critters. As the great grandson of Pinto OB and Dixie D; Jubliee's Curly J has a long history family of being a great ranch horse.

Last Sunday a good friend, Lynn, and I saddled up Julibee's Curly J and Chester for a beautiful sunny afternoon ride. Curly J is a three year old gelding we adopted last May from Four Winds Equine Rescue in Luckenbach, Texas. He has the personality of an angel. Curly J is always the first one to walk up to you went you approach and is always ready for hugs and treats. 

I was riding my sweet stallion, Chester, and was being very attentive to his reaction to our neighbor's Paso Fino mare. Gallie, calls out to Chester on a regular basis when she sees him in the pasture so I wanted to make sure they didn't strike up a conversation. Suddenly, I saw a four feet long snake slitter by. Well folks, I am a weinnie when it comes to snakes and you could see the #&*@!! in the bubble above my head.

Lynn and Curly J just kept walking. When I was able to communicate in a more understandable and intelligent language, I asked Lynn if Curly J was upset by the snake crossing in front of him and she, "naw, he's fine".  Now, if you wonder why I was so concerned about the snake it's cause Curly J has a tendency to look twice at garden hose. So, I figured a moving garden hose was going cut our trail ride real short.

Onward to see the cattle in the tall green pasture.  When out of the grass birds start flying everywhere. We are very lucky to Quail on our ranch but when you are standing two feet away and they burst out of the grass a more spooky horse could help you find a hard landing in the green, lush, carpet. But, our Curly J was more concerned with tasting the green grass and his favorite, Prairie Sage, a beautiful rouge color weed. Lynn explained to him that now was not the time for munching and we continued on our way.

The longhorns are peaceful critters.  As we approach they stand there with a an eye on us in the event they threatened but once they decide we are not rounding up they continue with their favorite past time....grazing.  Curly J just keep moving with an pleasant gait to what's around the bend.

My friend, Lynn, loves to ride Jubliee's Curly J and I feel he is a wonderful ranch horse. At only three years of age and with a great personality Curly J may choose from many different trails in his future. Best wishes to all from Texas.

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  1. I can't get over your tall green grass. Tell Curly J he is in good company; I don't like snakes, either. Your snake stories give me the shivers.