Monday, November 30, 2009

Blossom - A partner for life

Hello everyone,

I love reading about the ground work Betsy and Zoe are doing at Top of the Hill and I have learned so much from reading everyone's notes. I am hoping to incorporate the some of the suggestions in my working with Nevada Blossom and her mom, Golden Red. Here, are a few photos where I am working with Nevada's Blossom but the first obstacle is food.....she acts like she is always starving and insists on grazing I try to get her attention....

Nevada Blossom is not only a beautiful girl but she has a wonderful calm personality. I have been watching the interaction between her and the other horses and she is not in the top of the leadership poll but she is tops with me. I love her softness and desire to please.

Blossom is a fast learner and a great student. Most importantly she is teaching me how to be more confident in my requests. I know she will respond positively if I ask the right questions. I can tell from her movement she is listening to me. I just hope I am hearing her correctly.

Nevada's Blossom is a sweetheart. I love working with her and she is teaching me so much. A few months ago, I was standing behind her and my cell phone rang....I didn't think twice...but I should startled her and rightfully so had only been a few weeks since she was in a BLM holding pen with her mom, Golden Red....well, she instinctively kicked ....and I limped ....for several weeks and we all the smarter for it....It is a lifetime of learning with horses and I am finding it cannot be hurried but instead appreciated for the small accomplishments we make and when we make a partner for life....well that is what it's all about...

Best wishes to all my Curly Horse friends, 

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  1. Angie,
    Great seeing you and Blossom doing so well together!! Interesting about her need to graze...she's come such a long way with you, awesome that you are having so much success, lucky girl she is to have you to bring her along properly, slowly, and quietly, you're doing an amazing job with her; can't wait to read more as the two of you progress!!