Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kids leave the nest and Moms go back to work

Little Niobe was bred accidentally. It was not in our plans at all... I saw it happening through the woods, but by the time I reached the two offenders- the deed was done. I could have, I suppose, had the vet out to terminate but it wasn't that important one way or the other so we just waited to see if the deed indeed had been accomplished.

During the winter, Niobe had some training and was ridden a few times before it was evident she had a very big belly and was making an udder. So-- off on maternity leave she went to practice her mothering skills.

Just a couple of weeks ago, her lovely colt was weaned. Niobe adjusted to her new empty nester status well and we decided it is time to get her back in the workforce again. Let's see what she remembers and gauge her reaction to being back in the ranks. It's just not enough to stand around looking beautiful.

After a short warm up session with longing and agreeable directional changes, it's clear this sweetie remembers the basics of being asked and giving. Then, the rope as a test - This is all a little routine we almost always go through with young horses in training every time at the start of the session. A lot of this is a Clint Anderson routine - which I find works well for me and my style of training. My goals are to gain respect and control of my horse and accomplish a softness and suppleness in response.

Then we try more with the rope

All this work is like a thermometer gauge for us-- and tells us where the horse is as far as trusting us and listening. Niobe has settled in quickly and happily - so we introduce her to our big tire and our little bridge for today.

What a willing student this little curly girl is. We did not have to ask twice.

Such a love - and obviously ready for pretty much anything we are going to throw at her.

I am kind of fond of this little mare so it really pleases me to see she has an excellent future under saddle.

Enjoy ~

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