Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lakota to Lydiker...

I love starting youngsters! This last week has been a lot of fun with our colt Lydiker. He is just starting formal ground training, and he really makes me feel like a great horseman! His willingness and lightness combine to make every lesson easy and fun - I am amazed at how quickly he picks up on things!
After reading your post Angie, it seemed like just yesterday that I was starting Lakota - and wow! look at that handsome boy! He is now learning to ride the barrels under you skilled hands, and I couldn't be more proud!!! I suppose it won't be but just a short while before I look up, and see Lydiker advancing in his discipline too! Will it be barrels, dressage, trail riding, or packing out elk like Linda's mares are preparing to do? I think with Lydiker's lovely gaits and willing attitude, it could be just about anything! He has a nice sense of humor too, so that really makes him a joy to be around. His first tying lesson was uneventful. I use the tie-rings by Blocker for all my youngsters, and he never even pulled the rope through - he is very responsive to pressure, and I hope to keep his lightness with gentle training. Happy trails!


  1. Barbara,
    It looks like Lydiker could learn any discipline and do it well. I really feel the way youngsters are treated early in life determine their future willingness and positive personality. Thank you for giving Lakota a wonderful foundation.

  2. Barbara,
    What a handsome lad! I can see why you are so proud of him. You can tell what a nice boy he is by his expression.


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