Monday, November 9, 2009

A Potentially Great Ride Interrupted

Zoe and I had mapped out a few trotting tours for days where there is enough time to ride out for a goodly length of time. Today, we had a couple of options.. but decided on riding back to a trail we saw on one of our last rides - which because it had a sign at the opening.. Restricted use-- now is called in our trail diary, the Restricted trail. According to our Gazetteer- this trail will lead us somewhere fun and eventually come out on a dead end road we've often commented to each other-- we need to check out that road and see if it has a trail at the end of it.

We saddled up Keri and Reverie - and headed down the driveway in good spirits. But, what the heck-- my horse was either sleeping on the job or truly not paying attention. She tripped and went down to her knees -- could not recover and was about to go over on her side actually. I stepped out of the saddle and Zoe complimented me on my "roots". Keri and I were both quite stunned. I checked for any major injury.. none- so we started out again. Not sure how it all happened - to have a small trip escalate into a big fall, but I think she just was not paying attention and feeling cocky with her big trot down the hill. It would have made a great blooper video :) (on Keri's part)

I did not take many photo's for the first part of the trip as we trot that back road quite often. But the weather was beautiful - lots of sun and warmth. The horses got sweaty pretty quickly, since they have rather heavy coats and the nights have been in the 20's lately. The back roads were scenic in a November kind of way. I'm saving the photo's for the new and exciting part of the exploration.

Our intention on this trip was to get on the snowmobile trail just opposite the big transformers in the distance here and trot along some new trail and back roads for a huge loop. However-- a few feet from here- Zoe gets a call from school. Her daughter Rena is in the nurse's office and needs to be picked up. With the big FLU scare, there is Zero tolerance for any tiny symptom it seems. Well.. we are only about 8 miles out- we turn around and canter and gallop home ! We are disappointed to interrupt the expedition but it was fun to race home.

Headed home as fast as we can make it- but Rev is faster than Keri. At least today.
Enjoy ~

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  1. I'm glad you and Keri are ok!!! What a freak thing. Maybe it was like when us humans twist our ankle. But, if you were racing home, she is obviously up to par. Good!! Next time I bet you two will be up front in front of Zoe...:)


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