Friday, November 27, 2009

New Territory Explored

Zoe and I decided to ride a new road .. I don't think I have ever even driven my car down this road the entire way. This involved a new loop which will include a stretch of Route 10 - we have ridden plenty of highway in the past, but Route 10 is narrow, twisting, well traveled and traveled fast. For our first experience here - we'll need the trustworthy duo-- Keri and Teasel.

We started out trotting down a few familiar back roads - nothing new here except - wait.. as we pass the opening to a favorite trail ! Is our trail in danger ? Pretty big logging and chipping activity here. I stopped my horses and spoke with one of the fellows working and he assured me .. the trail should remain intact. We'll see.

We trotted through North Springfield on the sidewalks, over the long wooden bridge with echoing clip clops and crossed the highway onto Baltimore Road. I am posting plenty of photo's as usual on my farm blog.

Right on the corner opposite each other - old home, new home.

If I was younger, I would save this old farm house.

Teasel blends in nicely with the leaf littered roadside.

Pretty much the entire trip-- these two trotted and cantered side by side.

This vista reminds me why sailors in ancient times were afraid to navigate into the horizon. It does look like the end of the world.

Our main objective.. Gould Road - here's the start of it. Beautiful hay fields and old maples, plus some nice views.. overcast but still outstanding.

Just a few photo's of the view along Gould Road before it begins to dip down into the forested valley.

Here's the reason why Gould Road is well known in town -- Frank Gould has his own little museum on his property of antique farm machinery and implements. I have seen this sign countless times other places as a guide.. but have never actually passed the site.

These fellows are cute - I told Zoe.. watch out-- now that I have seen this, if I get industrious - it could be everyone on my Christmas list will receive a Green Mountain Tin Man as a gift. But I never seem to eat anything out of a can - so I don't have time to save any up.

A photo of the widest section of Route 10.. as we trot down it toward Davidson Hill Road - which will take us over the hill toward home. We brave a short trail from Davidson Hill Road onto Mineral Springs-- even though there are hunters out- the woods there are posted and it's only about 10 minutes of off-road travel.

once we get out onto Massey Road- it's trot time home.. we pass by one of my favorite road side rocks... first time I have ever snapped a photo of it ! Over the years, the rock has cleaved itself in half and moving further and further apart.

When I first moved here - these rocks were almost touching.
This was a fun ride - I hope everyone else had a super Thanksgiving ...
Enjoy ~


  1. Gould Road is gorgeous! Your Tin Can Men would be a great project for our 4H kids. I will have to show them the picture. Teasel and Keri look pretty darn happy side by side, and you are right, Teasel is very handsome with his fall coloring.

  2. Beautiful views....I read your postings when I want to take a small trip in my mind...thanks for sharing.


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