Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunny Monday

Saturday it rained absolutely buckets of water. Sunday- the day to catch up with other chores.. first thing Monday- the day for a nice ride. The wind was blustery but warm for November. We took Keri and Elektra on a nice brisk trot .. sticking to the roads mostly with a few detours here and there just to be nosey. All kinds of hunters out and about, parked on the side of the road and cruising the dirt roads doing their prey investigation all decked out in camouflage and bright orange hats.

It felt good to be in the saddle with my girl. :) The sun was strong -- the girls were feeling forward. You can see the strength of the sun rays as we head into the light.

Such a difference in road side scenery now. The heavy rains definitely obliterated any semblance of leaves.. brown or otherwise. Everything is bare naked.

I can't tell you how many times over the years we've lived here that we have trotted by this road and never been down it -- today, we altered the course a bit and investigated. We may return at some point and head down a few trails we spotted.. but today- we need to stay away from any wooded areas which are not posted.

One of my favorite little farmsteads on the corner as we trot up Trebo Road, to turn left onto Crow Hill Road-- the stereotypical little Vermont back road. Along here, we decide to detour once again - down a path we spy going down to the marsh,which has always been here - but never investigated so far. It looks well trodden and it is posted -- so it should be a safe bit of trail research.

We find a nice old cellar hole- and plenty of evidence of a long-ago homestead. After a bit of poking around and being nosey, we get back on the road-- Elektra and Zoe take a different route than Keri and I do--

They come out of the trees in back of me. We like to ask the horses to take varying small changes in routes and separate briefly.. as a reminder that they are with us -- not each other. My horse is the one with the worst occasional trail separation anxieties.
We finish up by trotting past those two Rooster brothers (as we call them) and find they have a new holstein calf friend now --- they were all cozily standing together in a shed on the corner.
that was a nice big 'neighborhood' loop- I just love riding my horse ( I guess I already said that !)
Enjoy ~

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  1. That is a really excellent idea you have about separating the horses a bit on the trail. Great thinking, I love it! It's getting pretty bare around here, too. I am hoping to get some nice backroad riding in on my long weekend after Thanksgiving. Won't be too long now 'til hunting season is over.


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