Monday, November 16, 2009

A real ranching day at Golden Curls Ranch

Hello all,

We had been waiting for what seemed like months for the rain to stop and the ground to dry so that we could get our last cutting of good quality hay for the horses. The big day came last Wednesday and what a beautiful sight it was to see the big, green John Deere making beautiful designs in the pasture. 

So we waited two days for the grass to dry to begin baling it. First thing Friday morning, we head out to the pasture and there standing big, fat and contented were over a dozen of the longhorns munching happily on the cut hay.

Without a second thought, I headed back to the barn and saddled up my sweet Curly station and we walked quietly to the gate. Slowly opening the old, paint peeling metal gate, we entered not wanting to spook the lazy critters. We are still working on mastering our side passes so I jumped off to close the gate. Then, back into the saddle. Walking over to the other gate to herd those longhorn critters back into their pasture; which was looking quiet bare from months of good grazing, I tried to see how they got out. 

Chester was a champ we slowly walked back and forth and they understood the program. Once the last one was back in I jumped down and closed the gate. Whoohoo, it was a real ranching day at Golden Curls Ranch...only thing missing was in my haste to get the cows off the grass I forgot to grab my cowgirl hat :))

Best wishes from Texas, Angie


  1. I need to try this someday Angie !! Back in the day when I had cows (and a large herd of sheep) and they got in where they were not meant to be -- I had my little pack of Border Collies to do the job that your Chester does for you. I am not sure how my horse would like cow work. :)

  2. AhD chases our steers when he has a mind too...problem is, he is pastured with them and it makes for broken fence and an angry husband at my house. One of my Labs is VERY keen on chasing/herding/bossing any horse or cow that I am trying to move. She gets 'em all riled up! Not very much help.


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