Friday, November 13, 2009

New Driving Prospect

OYY HummingBird is an adorable 12.1 hand curly pony mare in need of a job. She sees her other pasture mates going out the gate to give a lesson or go for a ride or drive.... now she has started her ground training and she's pretty pleased about it. We have wanted to groom HummingBird to take a spot in the ranks of lesson horses for many reasons - her size and build and her outstanding personality and disposition. She's a rewarding pony to work with due to her willingness and intelligence. Of course, I would not expect anything else from this breeding - with her dam (a lovely ride/drive pony) and her sire - Chip- who can do Anything !! with style and outstanding attitude. great genes -

This is the third or fourth time for her in harness. I am afraid I have not been terribly consistent with her - with so much else going on. She is more responsive out on the driveway and road actually than she is in this enclosure. So, now I know and will work with her a few times in here.

This photo makes HummingBird look bigger than she really is-- and makes me look very short ..

After some time in this space, we drive up and down the road making random stops and turns - then an excellent obstacle opportunity arises when the truck arrives to empty my dumpster !

We take advantage of the situation, and I ask HummingBird to walk up to the truck and circle while he's dumping. What a good girl !

Before we quit for the day, I enlist the help of our Dream On Curls center volunteer, Kelley. Kelley drags the evener with some chains attached for more noise - while I drive HummingBird up and down the road. I want her to be used to the noise and the vibration through the road surface stopping and going as she stops and goes.

HummingBird is not too bothered by this. You can see a few times I stomp my feet- at first she doesn' t like it, but quickly gets used to it. I think if I can find the time, she'll be hitched quite soon. She's going to be an awesome little driving pony - then when she's a bit older, a great riding pony.

When you breed two excellent horses together such as HummingBird's parents - it should be no surprise that the result is as nice as she is !! I guess you can tell I am quite vocal with my horses. :)

HummingBird is a full sibling to OYY Arcus -- They don't look a whole lot alike - but both solid superb ponies !! Arcus has not been hitched to a cart in 2 years - so that is my next project.. to get him driving again.

Enjoy ~

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  1. Hi Betsy, Nice to see you and HummingBird featured in video! Love your stomping training...never thought of that one, and going by HummingBird's reaction it was a good lesson. I am enjoying your driving/ground driving videos and pictures. It seems that driving is becoming a lost art. -Susan


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