Friday, November 6, 2009

Driving Miss Nimue

Wednesday, Zoe's son, Dominic, was home sick from school. What do farm kids do when they are home sick ?? Unless they are so near death they need to be in bed-- they follow us around doing chores and other such fun projects. Since Zoe and I were not able to ride- we did the next best thing.. went for a little family drive. This will be OYY Nimue's 4th or 5th time out this year - but just a few days ago, we did drive her in the big ring. Zoe is thinking she may try some driven dressage with her next summer. Add to that-- we have not had any rain in 5 days.. the ring is dry enough to drive in. So I gave her some tips and we both practiced together.

Today, Nimue has the pleasure of pulling the three of us down the back roads.

We did have some sun, but it did not seem to help warm things up. A typically cold November day- even more frigid driving in the cart. Next time, we decided we'll wear snow pants AND bring a blanket ! I understand the necessity for bear skin rugs now :)

Nimue had fun - we were a bit squished in the cart and Dominic of course was chatty as 6 year olds can be. He and our Salvadore are a bit similar.

We met quite a bit of traffic.. the UPS truck that travels the area every day, trucks cruising the hunting options to be ready for opening day.

I did discover, you don't have nearly the photo opportunities that you do from the saddle. It's difficult to drive one-handed and the scenery is so different when you are low in the seat instead of high in the saddle.

Here are my fellow passengers.

Don't you love the clip clop of driving a horse ?

Here we are back home for a quick pose before we un-tack and warm up.

That was a fun trip !

Enjoy ~


  1. I LOVED the clip clopping!! Add a little sleigh bell and man, I'd be in heaven. Of course, this just makes me want to learn to teach Reese to drive even MORE. Thanks for the inspiration....Nimue is awesome!

  2. Denise- I forgot, I have a nice bell which actually goes on the shafts. I am going to get those out for next time :) Nimue is a wonderful mare- and a nice riding mount as well. She's the perfect driving horse to teach someone how to drive.

  3. Denise is right; that clip-clop is inspiring! I just love that sound! I beg to differ with you on the photos, Betsy, I just love a picture with a harnessed horse in it. You get to see more than ears! :)


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