Friday, November 13, 2009

Chester and Angie take a different kind of walk

Hello All,

Well, I am not sure if this qualifies for our RAC contest but it definitely  qualities for " Real Adventures with Curlies."  Tonight, after getting everyone in their stalls, watered and fed, I pulled up the pickup truck and trailer to load Chester. On Thursday nights we head for the barrel race at S&S Arena. 

He hesitated, but we talked a bit, he smelled and nibbled at the grain and finally said; sure, why not. Running a bit late, I jumped out and opened the front gate. Pulling out of the driveway I noticed, in the side mirror the front tire on the left side of the trailer looking a bit soft and going flat. Not ready to give up hope for the nights activities I decided to move forward and get air at the local gas station on the highway. Well, after driving about two and a half miles I turned around because by that time the tire was dangerously close to coming off the rim. I headed back to the ranch thinking the worst thoughts and realizing Chester was loaded on the left stall, I decided not to chance it and stopped the truck. I walked up the neighbors house, explained the situation and asked if I could leave the truck and trailer overnight and come back for it in the morning. Sure, the sweet lady responded, no problem.

I went back locked up the truck and grabbed my handbag. Then I opened the trailer for Chester. He looked around as if to say; we aren't at the arena are we?" I thought for minute about tacking him and riding back but dismissed it as I have seen how fast folks drive this county road....and it was already getting dark.

Well, if I could have a companion on a beautiful autumn evening walk it would be Chester. We encountered fast driving cars who barely gave us room when they past. Loud 4X4 flatbed trucks loaded with big round bales of hay. When the cars came zooming by Chester and I stepped into the tall grass  on the side of the road to avoid being hit and discovered there was a whole new world  there. In addition to the trash, there was a rat being chased a cat...and I am sure there was a few snakes but didn't want to look:) Squirrels ran across the road and jumped into the trees growing at the edge of the fields.

We passed by homes with big loud dogs and tiny, squeaky ones. As we got closer to our place our neighbor's Paso Fino, Galleria, came over to the fence to talk to Chester. She was delighted he was passing through and I was a tab bit nervous at the event. But, Chester listened to his mama when I explained we were in a hurry and he could not chat. The neighbor across the way has five beautiful horses and they, too, came running up to see us. Again, I grew tense and asked Chester to be strong and not give into peer pressure. What a wonderful stallion he was! 

We continued on our way and watched the sky turn a beautiful shade of pink and blue. I wish I had my camera for it seemed the perfect background setting for our walk.  

When we arrived at our place and I opened the gate, I realized our walk gave me a new respect for my Curly Stallion. He was a real sweetheart and we encountered new things on our journey back home that we dont pay attention to when we just saddle up and ride in an arena. Chester listened to me as a partner even though I wasn't in the saddle. It was worth missing the barrel race to be at one with my wonderful Curly Chester. Well, gotta go and get the tire's another day at the ranch.



  1. Angie - we take our Curlies for walks all the time. I am glad you took the opportunity to learn this part of "training" :) with your boy. Our horses go in the woods, down the road, visit the neighborhood and see cars, etc. They seem to love it. I took Little "Z" down the road about 2 miles last night. She got the chance to satisfy her nosiness about the rest of the world and was pretty pleased.

  2. Angie, I am sooooo happy for you and Chester that you got to do this with him!! Likewise, I like to take, especially my youngsters, out for walks, it just seems like such wonderful desensitization experiences await your horse out in the big world, plus giving you the opportunity to bond and build a stronger trust in each other. Really glad Chester got the opportunity to prove himself to you to be a trustworthy out walking about companion, sounds like he did absolutely stellar, especially considering he is a stud! Congratulations!!


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