Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Summer riding camps.

We decided to utilize our horses in a recreational riding thingy this year. With the economy in a bit of a slump it was our solution to train, get our horses out there, and have fun doing it.

A number of kids came and spent time with us and the horses and I had so much fun with all this. My horses seemed to prosper under the constant kid attention and it made my heart sing to see the kids faces with their huge grins.

I decided that I was going to offer getting to know horses and just the basics to see how things went.....and then for the summer we would have more one on one and integrate my love of art as well. It was so good and we have people already asking about next year.

These curlies are natural teachers and seem to know exactly what is needed for each individual child. Could it be that the curlies are more intuitive that other horses? It sure seemed like it and over and over they proved their versatility to me. We are so blessed to have them in our lives!

Here are a few photos of the kids......enjoy.


  1. Those kid pictures are adorable! And riding with just halter and leadrope, too! Love the sweetie riding bareback.

  2. This is the sort of thing I actually looked into Curlies, came across the breed, and started "acquiring" Curlies for in the first place... was to hopefully have a program that did just exactly what it is you did all summer long. Wow. The pictures are fantastic, I imagine the experience itself was magical. That's really incredible that you did this. And yes, I do think the Curlies are even more intuitive and tuned for this sort of endeavor than other horses even.