Monday, November 9, 2009

My Dear Meets Deer

Our very first evening ride of our Acadia vacation, we met two does right on the carriage roads. What incredibly beautiful animals! Apparently these deer were very familiar with these odd-looking four legged, two headed creatures that talk a lot and make plenty of "oooh-ahhh noises.” They were alert but not frightened. And the great news was, so was my handsome lad AhD. It was fantastic for him to be able to see deer walking gently in his path, instead of leaping wildly out of nowhere and bounding off. He got a good look and a good sniff. And the training aspect wasn’t even the best part. This was such an awesome experience, for all of us involved. Talk about communing with nature! I thought, “OK, ALREADY my six hour trailer ride was sooo worth it.” A truly unforgettable experience that left me totally at peace within myself.

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