Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Less is More with a Hackamore

Hello all,

I have started using a Hackamore with our Curly Stallion Man, Chester and he really seems to like it better. A few days ago we saddled up and I thought ...what the heck let's try a hack. The results were amazing.

I have seen Sidepulls work great on well trained horses in the past and I feel Chester is coming along well in his training. He is a responsive horse and has done well with voice commands and leg aids. Coming from an English background my training techniques include a lot of leg aids. He is a very fast learner and intelligent so a little goes a long way with him.

On our ride he was pleased with the hack and due to the new bosal pressure I was aware of needing to use a very relaxed hand. He didn't shake his head like it has with other bits. He seem to be please to have less invasive metal in his mouth. As you can see from our pictures he is wearing a bright blue, one ear head stall that goes well with our red barrel racing reins:)

I feel this is a good transition and is working well for us. Our new goal will be to graduate to the bitless bridle. Beside we like the idea that less is more and its working well with using a Hackamore:)

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