Saturday, November 7, 2009

Early Morning Snow Ride

Zoe has a part time job in the mornings from 7:00 to 9:00 after her children board the school bus. Friday, she had no work so she
e-mailed early to suggest a ride before her 9:00 lesson. Sounds like fun to me.

When the light arrived - here is what I see ! Our first snow (one that actually stuck anyway ) . This will be a very pretty ride !!

The sun is just rising over the treetops - as you can see how strong the light is as it hits Keri's chest .

Just a little more than a dusting of white stuff.

We trot down Kirk Meadow Road to get to the trail opening.

Our two shadow riders lead the way.

The school bus is still busy running its route. We see some of our Saturday lesson riders inside this yellow beast and wave.

All that gorgeous light and color in the woods. We cross out into the fields and it's dark and overcast. It's been like this all week pretty much. Typical November weather.

This was a perfect way to start the day !!
Enjoy ~


  1. Wow, love the photos and I agree "it's a great ride to start the day". Keep on riding:)

  2. Love the snow photos! It's not that often that you see that much snow on top of green grass and colored leaves. A ride is a fabulous start to the day, for sure, and something I am hoping to do tomorrow.


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