Friday, November 6, 2009

Good teachers

Hello All,

I would like to go on record as saying Curlies are the smartest horses I have ever met. My Curlies are teaching me just how intelligent they are by outsmarting me at feeding time; loading on the trailer and remembering my every move but most impressively they are teaching me how to be forgiving, loving and loyal.

When working with Chester running barrels he starts thinking ahead of me and I could easily be on auto-pilot. Which can be a bit dangerous when you are moving in high gear. But, it's important that I keep him listening to me and vary the patterns a bit. I cant blame him I, too, would be bored stiff doing the same thing all the time.

And...last night I was in a hurry to get him loaded on the trailer. He knows that he gets a treat of grain when he jumps in the trailer but I was out so go. Yep, a bit embarrassing standing in the arena parking lot when the boy planted his four beautiful hooves in the sand and wouldn't budge. There are lots of ways folks get their horses on the trailer many of which I am opposed whips for my sweet Curly. So I pondered it for a while like Whinny the Pooh bear and came up with a novel idea. Ask a friend for some treats. Chester jumped right in and gave me a sweet nuzzle as if to say; "Girl, I wondered how long it would take you to remember".

Our sweet, mare, Mama Red, is also a smart little cookie. I am discovering that she has many of the same emotions as humans; jealously, stress, playfulness and mischievousness. She is teaching me a lot too. Such as thinking through my actions before I move. She has developed routines such as coming up for feeding time at the same time everyday. She has one stall that she likes best and sure didn't cut her daughter, Blossom, any slack when Blossom went it first. Blossom decided it best to move to another stall. 

Daily interactions with our Curlies are helping me grow as an individual. But,  I am enjoying learning how to develop human characteristics with horses like Mama Red. It takes time and lots of homework (and groundwork) to develop trust, loyalty and respect. Yep, our Curlies sure are good teachers.


  1. AhD likes his treats, too, when loading on the trailer. And he doesn't like to be rushed. Just like Mama Red, he reads my body language as we would read an exciting novel, and he doesn't miss a word. I have to make sure that my excitement over going somewhere with him doesn't translate through as nervousness.
    Boy, you sure are feeding Mama Red right! What a difference in her coat! You do such a wonderful job with your Curlies. How are you doing with taking the Barrel Racing World by storm? Probably not making many inroads there, but I bet you are having tons of FUN!!

  2. Susan,
    Thanks for all the wonderful compliments. I really feel AhD and Chester know us better than we know ourselves:)
    Funny thing, I noticed this morning that Mama Red's coat is growing out (and she is really curly) and it is covering up the freeze mark on her neck. Personally, I think that's great - I hate the marks - it is a sad chapter in her life.
    You will need to come down with AhD and let's barrel race one weekend. Yep, you will have a blast.