Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Scenic Vistas

More scenic vistas from the coast of Maine...

Like I previously mentioned, there was a photo opportunity lurking around every corner oa Acadia. Here, we are looking off at the ocean from a high point in the park.
Another ocean view.This was taken on the Around the Mountain trail.

AhD doesn't seem very impressed with this view, but I was.

Do any of you have these super cool collapsable water bags? This thing is awesome! Here is my riding buddy Ulla giving AhD a refreshing drink from a nearby stream. He drank three bags full and was very pleased that Ulla had this packed in her saddle bag. We also carried horse treats and apples that the humans and horses shared. We never hurried to go anywhere and took plenty of relaxing breaks on the trails each day. We used this area for grazing and napping. And soaking up the view, of course.

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  1. Susan,
    You have really got some great country to ride in, I just love your pictures and am envious of your rides, You sure do have some pretty country.
    But what kind of saddle is that , poor AhD he looks like he wants the western saddle back.
    must be a light saddle you are using.
    Next month I am going to have to work very hard to catch up to you, so you better look out.


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