Monday, November 2, 2009

Video - Nevada's Blossom

Hello Curly Friends,

After the horses ate breakfast Sunday morning and we saw what a beautiful day it was we decided to try our hand at making a video of our Curly horses. Nevada Blossom is working really well on becoming less spooky and improving on her groundwork. She has the haltering down pat and can be led anywhere. Which honestly, was not the case a few months ago:) While we know we have lots more progress to make the small signs of trust make the time spent with this sweet filly worth it all.

P.S. I am still trying to learn how to upload videos so any suggestions are greatly is a video I made yesterday with time I will definitely try to use a script so I don't repeat myself:)
Best wishes to all...


  1. She is beautiful, and I thought the video was good! Didn't notice any repetition at all. You have done such a wonderful job gentling her.

  2. Wow Angie! Nevada looks lovely! and ditto You have done a really great job gentling her; I can't wait to see and hear more about her as you both progress, really fantastic!! :-)


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